Ars Electronica Festival 2019


STARTS TalkSeptember 6 201910 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Ars Electronica Festival, Linz (A) - POSTCITY Ground floor / POSTCITY Ground floor

The STARTS Day focuses on the STARTS Initiative and offers insights into collaborative practices at the intersection of art, technology, science and industry. In different discursive formats and presentations, extraordinary examples from this field are presented and their implementations, methods and impacts identified.

In collaboration with the European Union

10:00 – 12:00     Practices & Impacts of STARTS Collaborations


Practices and impacts of interdisciplinary approaches will be discussed through innovative projects, with a special focus on the link between artificial intelligence and music.

Initiatives: Ars Electronica Futurelab, Daimler AG, Re-FREAM, STARTS Prize, EPFL+ECAL Lab, STARTS Residencies, IRCAM, Immersify, Stochastic Labs, Experiments in Arts and Technology (E.A.T.) at Nokia Bell Labs, STARTS Ecosystem, MindSpaces, Espronceda, City University Hong Kong
Speakers: Hideaki Ogawa (JP/AT), Sabine Engelhardt (DE) & Alexander Mankowsky (DE), Isabel Berz (DE), Alejandro Martín Naranjo (ES), Florina Costamoling (AT), Nicolas Henchoz (CH), Hugues Vinet (FR), Vero Bollow (US), Domhnaill Hernon (IE), Aurelie Delater (PT), Roland Haring (AT), Maurice Benayoun (FR/HK)
Moderation: Lucas Evers (NL)

12:15 – 13:15     Regional STARTS Centers

POSTCITY, AIxMusic Stage

During STARTS Day, the Regional STARTS Centers take the opportunity to present some of their major activities through the prism of education: how do the Regional STARTS Centers help bring science, technology and the arts to the younger generation? How can innovation and technology act as a pedagogical means to impart the ideas of sustainability and societal change to the Millennials?

In collaboration with BOZAR, Gluon, French Tech Grande Provence, Meet, MADE Group, Ars Electronica and Film University Babelsberg

13:30 – 15:00     Co-Thinking the Renewal of Fashion

POSTCITY, AIxMusic Stage

In this panel, artists and scientists involved in the Re-FREAM project will share their perspectives on future developments in the fashion industry, talking about responsive fashion, future materials and the fashion production system. Furthermore, the session gives
insight into the Worth Partnership Project supporting the creation of cross-border and cross-discipline collaboration between fashion and design, technology, crafts, and manufacturing companies.

Speakers: Jessica Smarsch (US), Giulia Tomasello (IT), Tommaso Busolo (IT), Ivan Parati (IT), Julia Körner (AT), Jef Montes (NL), Ganit Goldstein (IL), Michael Wieser (AT), Viktor Weichselbauer (AT), Elisabeth Jayot (FR), Fabio Molinas (IT)
In collaboration with Re-FREAM.

13:00 – 14.30     GET.Inspired

POSTCITY, Lecture Stage

GET.Inspired spotlights promising projects at the nexus of art, technology and science. Startups and established companies give inspiring short presentations on creative forms of innovation.

Speakers: Johannes Klinglmayr (AT), Jen Keane (US), Drew Hemment (UK), Idalene Rapp (DE) & Natascha Unger (DE),  Andreas Perotti (AT), Xin Liu (CN/US), Nobutaka Ide (JP), Markus Dorninger (AT), Sandira Blas (DE/US), Salomé Bazin (FR), Charlotte Jarvis (UK), Philipp Wintersberger (AT), Clemens F. Scharfen (AT), Sputniko! (JP/UK), Johannes Braumann (AT), Markus Roth (AT)
Moderation: Bradly Dunn Klerks (NL/BE)

15:15 – 16:45     Legal framework for STARTS Collaborations

POSTCITY, AIxMusic Stage

The creation of an appropriate legal framework is essential not only for cooperation during a project but also for the exploitation of innovative results. Based on successful examples from realized projects, panel participants discuss the suitable conditions for a legal framework for interdisciplinary collaboration projects, including new business models, different legal options and intellectual property rights.

Speakers: Robert Bauer (AT), Jie Qi (US), Lucas Evers (NL), Domhnaill Hernon (IE), Camille C. Baker (CA/UK), Daehyung Lee (KR)
Moderation: Christopher Lindinger (AT)

17:00 – 18:00        STARTS Talks

POSTCITY, Conference Hall

As part of the STARTS initiative, the STARTS Prize recognizes the most pioneering results and collaborations in the field of creativity and innovation at the intersection of science, technology and the arts. At the STARTS Talks the STARTS Prize’19 winners will present their approaches and perspectives, their working methods and the results they achieved.

Speakers: Mar Santamaria Varas (ES), Pablo Martínez Díez  (ES), Bjørn Karmann (DK), Tore Knudsen (DK)
Moderation: Nadav Hochman (US)

18:00- 19:30        Humanizing AI

POSTCITY, Conference Hall

Technology and the economy are presented with the important task of making sure that we won’t lose our humanity on our journey from automatization to autonomization. In this panel we dive into the debate of how the leading developers can make sure that AI
systems stay humane, fair and responsible.

Speakers: Martina Mara (AT), Simon Euringer (DE/US), Keiichiro Shibuya (JP), Alexander Mankowsky (DE), Hiroshi Ishii (JP/US), Hermann Erlach (AT), Roberto Viola (IT)

Saturday 7.9.2019

Data Humanism Workshop Program

POSTCITY, AIxMusic Workshop Space

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10:00 – 11:00    How can we make more liveable cities?

300.000 Km/s (ES)

Arising from the experience of S+T+ARTS Prize winning project- Ciutat Vella’s land-use plan-, this workshop is open to a wide range of urban agents with different scientific, artistic, political and technical backgrounds to reflect on several cutting-edge questions in European cities. What makes a city liveable? How can urban planning, public policies and practices from other disciplines bridge the gap to a more liveable urban environment? What infrastructures and tools are available? What are the cultural frictions still to overcome? And which are the different actors involved in this transformation?

11:30 – 12:30     Project Alias – Design your own Parasite

Bjørn Karmann (DK), Tore Knudsen (DK)

This workshop will follow you through the creative process of designing the expressive look of Project Alias – the digital parasite for the surveillance age. Bjørn Karmann and Tore Knudsen, the creators of Alias, will host the workshop which will be focused around three parts. 1) A presentation of the design process behind Project Alias and how nature inspired the work. 2) Design your own Alias shell based on modular and organic materials. 3) A playful session where we brainstorm on creative trigger words and commands to try out on a home assistant that will be decorated by the freshly made parasite.

The STARTS Day program is a cooperation between STARTS Prize (grant agreement No 732019), STARTS Ecosystem (grant agreement No 824950), Re-FREAM (grant agreement No 825647) and Regional STARTS Centers and received funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the mentioned grant agreement numbers.
The panel Humanizing AI is part of the Theme Conference and part of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.