STARTS at STRP Festival

FestivalMarch 30 2019 through April 7 2019noon - 6 p.m.

As part of the STRP festival, the STARTS Residencies program of the European Commission presents a number of art-tech collaboration projects to reform, shape and prototype our urban futures.

STARTS Talk: Human centered innovation in cities and public space
April 3d, from 14:00 to 14:45
Panel with Yann Deval, Ling Tan, Foteini Setaki & Marie Albert

The panel will discuss how the arts and their unconventional exploration of technology can renew our vision of urban development and contribute to human-centered innovation in cities and public space.

Three artists, laureates of the STARTS Residencies program of the European Commission (Innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology & the ARTS), will present their art-tech collaboration projects to re-imagine, shape and prototype our urban futures.

The panel consists of the following speakers / artists:
– Yann Deval, interactive designer, motion designer & musical composer (the interactive installation ATLAS by Yann Deval and Marie Losseau is part of the STRP exhibition)
– Ling Tan, designer, coder & maker (the public performance Pollution Explorers by Ling Tan is part of the conference program)
– Panos Sakkas, co-founder & chief creative officer at The New Raw
Moderator is Marie Albert, European project manager at French Tech Culture / STARTS program

Public performance Pollution Explorers by Ling Tan | April 3d, from 17:15 to 18:30

What can we do about pollution? It’s such a large issue that we often feel disempowered because it seems like nothing any of us does on our own will have any effect.

Join the Pollution Explorer walk and explore air quality issues through your subjective perception using custom made wearable technology. Through the engagement, participants make a statement on the air quality with their own physical actions of recording perceptual data using the wearable tools, help to fill in missing ‘gaps’ of air quality data in order to make sense of the quality of air in their neighbourhood.

Pollution Explorers is a project of the designer, maker and coder Ling Tan as part of Umbrellium, based on technological elements from hackAIR, with the support of STARTS Residencies program.

Atlas, Yann Deval & Marie G. Losseau
Expo from March 30 to April 7

ATLAS is a work situated between digital and visual arts, taking the form of a scenographic exhibition which hosts a mix of real models and an interactive virtual world.

Marie-G. Losseau (BE) begins by building imaginary cities by hand and Yann Deval (FR) proceeds to scan them in 3D as a way to immerse the audience via virtual experiences.

Together, using augmented and mixed reality, they aim to explore these new spaces, from the physical space to the virtual reality and all of the layers in between.