SHERPA Project Webinar

“Hands-on design with AI and Ethics”

with the artist Tijmen Schep

EncounterJune 3 202011 a.m. - noon

The SHERPA project explores deeper insights into the use of Smart Information Systems (i.e., the combination of artificial intelligence and big data analytics).

In this webinar, Tijmen Schep from Pineapple Jazz will present Hands-on design with AI and Ethics. The webinar will be held on 3rd June 2020, at 11:00 CEST.


When we talk about ethics and AI, it’s easy to develop a high-level list of recommendations. But in the world of designers, makers and coders, these guidelines aren’t always easy to translate into hands-on choices. Designers and design students alike enjoy learning from hands-on practical examples and case studies.

In this webinar, the participants will dive into the choices made and the lessons learned when building an ethically sound Smart Information System: the Candle Smart Home. It’s a demonstrator of a home of the future that offers all the features you’d expect like voice control, but it keeps all the data in your home, and doesn’t require any internet connection. In January, Candle won a coveted Dutch Privacy Award.

The webinar will also go into the other creations that artist, designer and technology critic Tijmen Schep has developed or is in the process of developing for SHERPA. By oscilating between the worlds of art, academia and design, Tijmen can bring a holistic, sometimes unexpected perspective on the issues around Smart Information Systems. Expect sneak previews of the hilarious things he is currently working on.


The SHERPA Pieces is a collection of artworks reflecting the ethical use of AI as advocated by the SHERPA project, detailing Tijmen’s ethics by design philosophy and his use of art to discuss this subject matter.


Over the course of the project, SHERPA is organising a webinar series that explains all the aspects of the project and offer the opportunity for feedback and questions from stakeholders. Every 6 months, a webinar is organised around one of the key project outputs. The webinars showcase project experts who discuss outputs such as case studies, scenarios and ethics guidelines. Each webinar includes a short presentation of about 20 minutes followed by a question and answer portion in which participants will be asked to provide their feedback or comments.

If you miss any webinar, you can still watch what was presented and discussed by accessing the project’s webinar archive here.


SHERPA is a Horizon 2020 project by the European Union in which future ethical issues around Smart Information Systems are explored. In collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders, the SHERPA project will investigate, analyse and synthesise our understanding of the ways in which smart information systems (SIS; the combination of artificial intelligence and big data analytics) impact ethics and human rights issues. It will develop novel ways of understanding and addressing SIS challenges, evaluate with stakeholders, and advocate the most desirable and sustainable solutions. The SHERPA consortium has 11 partners from six European countries (representing academia, industry, civil society, standards bodies, ethics committees, art).

Tijmen Schep
Candle, SHERPA project