Regional STARTS Centers

“Entangled: Art, Science, Technology & Society”

STARTS AcademyJune 19 through June 30 20204 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Regional STARTS Centers project is organising a series of events that promises to expand the STARTS spirit among the greek community and beyond.

From 19th to 30th June, Made Group, in partnership with i DAT(UK) and Athens Tech College(GR), will lead the organisation of a series of STARTS events targeting professionals, students, artists, Tech and scientists. This series of events entitled “Entangled: art, science, technology & society”, aim to raise awareness and questions on art, science and technology and their intersections through presentations of innovative practices, creative methods, theoretical context interactive guest labs that have the potential to generate insights and a new culture of collaborations that advance society.


Language of the sessions: Greek
Presentation and moderation by Christiana Kazakou, Made Group.

1. Hybrid Organisations: Mapping the terrain

Mapping the ‘creative industries’ landscape with organisations and programs that have developed pioneering activities in the fields of art, science and technology.
Guest: Interactive presentation by Ilias Chatzichristodoulou , Founder and Director of ADAF (Athens Digital Arts Festival)

 2. Creative Disruption: emerging practices

What happens when creativity encounters emerging technologies is the future redefined? AI, nanotechnology, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and robotics invade our daily lives faster than ever before and we are challenged to navigate a world that is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic.
Guest: Interactive presentation by Manos Rovithis on Audio Legends: Augmented Reality Audio Games.

3. Mediated spaces in art, science and technology

Spaces convey multi layered meanings for the intermediation of discourse between art & science. Knowledge spaces in the sciences, humanities and the arts are often constructed and defined by ‘disciplinary’ approaches.
Guest: Yiannis Kranidiotis , Artist and programmer.

4. Designing the future: social design & collective intelligence

Design thinking as a non linear iterative process facilitates the cognitive understanding of social constructs, encounters within existing ecosystems and considers participatory methods by co-creation and action to prototype and evaluate them.
Guest: Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Academic musician and artist, European Art, Science Technology Network for Digital Creativity.

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