Re-FREAM Webinar

Urban Manufacturing and the Fashion of the Future

STARTS EncounterJune 18 20205 p.m. - 6 p.m.

On 18th June 2020 at 17:00h CEST, the STARTS Lighthouse Re-FREAM will be hosting the webinar “Urban Manufacturing and the Fashion of the Future”.

How will urban manufacturing affect the future of fashion?
What do 3D printing and high-tech opportunities mean for traditional crafts and haute couture?
How does the corona crisis affect new opportunities and needs in the fashion industry?

Christiane Luible-Baer (Co-Head of Fashion & Technology, Linz University of Art), Guillaume Clement (Haratech GmbH, Linz, AT) and Naomi Kaempfer (Stratasys Ltd, Rehovot, Israel) will answer these and other questions together with you as part of a free discuss webinar.

The Meetup also include the costume Oscar winner Julia Körner, the 3D printing artist Ganit Goldstein and the robotics duo Michael Wieser and Viktor Weichselbaumer from Yokai Studios. Together they will give you an insight into their research projects and findings that have emerged in the last few months as part of the Fashion & Technology project Re-FREAM.

The webinar will be moderated by Isabel Berz from the European Institute of Design (IED).

The project is again looking for 10 artists and designers who want to research the future of fashion with up to 55,000 euros. Interested parties are welcome to find out more in the webinar.