Re-FREAM Webinar

Electronic Textiles and Fashion Webinar

STARTS EncounterMay 5 20205 p.m. - 7 p.m.

On Tuesday 05. May 2020 at 17:30h CET (Berlin), the STARTS Lighthouse Re-FREAM will be hosting the webinar “Electronic Textiles and Fashion Webinar”. Stakeholders from the technology and fashion industry are invited to join the Re-FREAM artists and scientists during the webinar.

The webinar is structured in a diverse and fun manner so that the keynote and panel discussion are complemented by interactive and playful breakout sessions. There is even a chance for you to become part of the official program by applying for the open mic session, which gives you a chance to tell the audience about your solution or request in a 3 min pitch.

Some of the topics will cover:

  • Co-Creation between technology and artistic sphere
  • Femtech and technology in women´s personal space
  • Sextech and technology to support disabled people
  • Soft electronics to support rehabilitation
  • Sensors made from textiles and conductive materials



Doors open: Networking in small groups


Intro to Re-FREAM Berlin Hub
by Thomas Gnahm, CEO Wear It Berlin


Keynote: Smart textiles & the future of fashion
by Christian Dils, Fraunhofer IZM


Panel discussion on smart textiles in an art and tech transfer environment
with the Re-FREAM Teams from the Berlin Hub:
Witsense (Ivan Parati)
Constructing Connectivity (Jessica Smarsch)
Alma (Giulia Tomasello)


Intro to Wear It Instant Pitch Game


Break out Sessions:
Wear It Instant Pitch Game


Presentations and Awards:
Wear It Instant Pitch Game


Open mic
Pitches by audience members


Open Get-together