Exhibition5-29 MAY 2022
Bologna, Italy

From 5 through 29 May, 2022, the S+T+ARTS exhibition NEAR + FUTURES + QUASI + WORLDS will premiere in one of Bologna’s most singular locations. Presenting a selection of important artworks from eleven artists, the exhibition aims to emphasize the vital role that collaboration in scientific, technological, and artistic domains can play in furthering contemporary research and integrative forms of cutting-edge artistic creation. 

The exhibition, is organized under the S+T+ARTS initiative as a collaboration  between Artshare and Kilowatt,  Fondazione Innovazione Urbana  and sponsored by the Municipality of Bologna. The exhibition will be held at Auditorium Biagi in Biblioteca Salaborsa and will be part of the institutional program of Art City Bologna 2022.

The exhibition is curated by Manuel Cirauqui with the collaboration of Silvana Fiorese, and includes work by the following artists: Refik Anadol, Ralf Baecker, Evelina Domnich and Dmitry Gelfand, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, Forensic Architecture, Iris van Herpen, Julia Koerner, So Kanno and Takayuki Yamaguchi, Egor Kraft, Kasia Molga & Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner, and Etsuko Yakushimaru.

NEAR + FUTURES + QUASI + WORLDS emphasizes the vital role that collaboration in science, technology and art can play in investigating the complexities of the contemporary world, as well as promoting the most innovative forms of contemporary artistic creation. The project wants to invite citizens, institutions, industry stakeholders, and the creative community to explore the key role that art-driven collaboration and transversal knowledge production are meant to play in a society where the fundamentals of future life need to be entirely reassessed. 

During the exhibition, a parallel public program will take place between Biblioteca Salaborsa and Serre dei Giardini. Five events, in collaboration with Sineglossa, will take the artworks on display as starting points for grafting the seeds of desirable, sustainable, socially and economically viable futures in the present. Exponents from the world of research, artists, political representatives and companies will dialogue together to experiment with new ways of making and living culture and to regain the possibility of choice. 

The event is one of the first productions of Serra Madre, the new Kilowatt artistic production center created to bring together art, research and businesses to help address one of the main challenges of our time: climate change and the global need for disruptive solutions to the carbon economy and the over-exploitation of natural resources. 

Overall, these events represent an opportunity to enhance the collaboration between the S+T+ARTS network and key players and stakeholders in the region: citizens, institutions, artists and businesses, including Sala Borsa, Clust-ER Create, Alma Mater University of Bologna, the MAMBo and ArtCity Bologna.

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