Mapping Collaborative Practice

STARTS @ ARS-E Festival 2020September 9 20202 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Interdisciplinary collaboration across the arts and sciences can create friction and uncertainty between creative partners from different backgrounds.
How can we overcome these moments, and are they integral to any collaborative or emergent process? What role does art and science collaboration have in addressing global challenges in 2020? Chaired by Richard Glover and Martin Khechara, participants and researchers of the University of Wolverhampton’s STARTS Methodologies research project take part in this digital exchange of ideas.

Moderators: Richard Glover (UK), Martin Khechara (UK)
Speakers: Giulia Tomasello (IT), Tommaso Busolo (IT), Christian Cherene (ES), Norma Deske (DE), Pei-Ying Lin (TW), Miranda de Graaf (NL)