Leonardo S+T+ARTS: A Conversation On “What’s next? Art-science ideas emerging from the lockdown”

STARTS TalkJune 18 20206 p.m. - 7 p.m.

The participants will have the occasion to wrap up the discussions during the first session on May 20, under “What´s next? Art-Science ideas emerginf from the lockdowm”.

Leonardo and STARTS aimed at creating a space to exchange and reflect on these questions and fertilize discussions.  

We have proposed to engage a general discussion at the beginning of the first session, followed by the formation of peer-to-peer groups that have discussed specific topics. Participants had the choice of four topics, two related to the environment and two related to data. Upon interest of the participants during the first session, we have merged 2 groups, as follows: 

1. Environment – climate – disaster response.  

A. Global response to climate disaster – How would art/sci address this? What changes in behavior are possible? Which harmful habits do we want to let behind us after the pandemic? How would emerging media of performance and virtual space enable such an experience? 

B. Lens on the non-human – How are we addressing consumption, rights of the non-human? E.g. animals, space, water. How can we let nature breathe again? How to reflect this on virtual experiences? 

2. Data and surveillance – Access and equity / Privacy and rights. 

For this second session, we will focus on wraping up the discussions initiated and run in the last month between the artists and researchers. We look forward to see what will come out of these exchanges!


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