with the STARTS exhibition “Humans / Machines”, an area dedicated to games called the Playground, and more.

STARTS ExhibitionMarch 13 2021 through June 13 202110 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Kikk - Le Pavillon

The new museum Le Pavillon will open its doors from 13th March until 13th June in Namur, Belgium.

The Pavilion was first the symbol of Belgium at the Universal Exhibition in Milan. This creation by Patrick Genard, awarded for its eco-design, completes the Citadel’s landscape with a touch of audacity.

In order to live up to such an architecture, the Pavilion needed an ambitious, innovative, striking and, above all, inclusive project. Today, perched on its promontory, the Pavilion is the totem of the challenges of digital transformation. By collecting the visions of those who question the present through digital technology, the Pavilion aims to enable everyone to take ownership of the issues of our time through initiation, discovery and experimentation.

From 13 March to 13 June 2021: Pop-up opening

The Pavilion is unveiled for the first time in Namur in pop-up mode. The aim of this test phase? In face-to-face, remote, digital… In one way or another, the Pavilion will meet the public in order to, together, apprehend this place and co-construct the future routes to be taken.

In 2021, the Pop-Up Pavilion will host: the Humans / Machines exhibition, a games area called the Playground, The Lab, a space dedicated to scientific research and technological innovations. As soon as the situation permits, we will have opportunities to meet up with other visitors: workshops, conferences.

The STARTS Exhibition “Humans / Machines”

This first exhibition explores the complex relationship between humans and machines.

Faced with the emergence and development of digital technologies, the subject has taken on a new meaning. Through the eyes of artists, students, researchers and entrepreneurs, the exhibition questions the implications of the development of artificial intelligence technologies and their limits in imitating natural processes, human behaviour and creativity.

The public will discover the world of deepfakes, robots, human-like machines and algorithm-generated environments. From Trump singing ABBA to robots in gestation in strange jars … Humans / Machines is there to tickle your brain.

Others: The Playground & The Lab

The Playground is a nice window into the creative power of technology and, above all, a good excuse to have fun. The Playground, suitable for ages 7 to 777, brings the best of digital culture to our five senses. Interactive installations born from the fertile imagination of a few dreamers, creators, inventors, makers,… coupled with technological innovation make the impossible possible: becoming Picasso’s muse or swinging in the stars are no longer the exclusive prerogative of Morphée.

The Lab invites us to discover what technology can do for us. While technology will never replace the advice and diagnosis of a healthcare professional, innovation creates tools that make life easier for healthcare providers. For example, the 3D printers of the African ORTHOLABS allow the creation of hand and leg prostheses with outstanding precision, as close as possible to patients’ needs. The Lab also reveals the development of projects and their prototyping process within FabLab. By explaining how these men and women can be supported in their creative phases, Le Pavillon hopes to show that it is possible to undertake and – who knows – arouse some vocations.