>Laboratorium Suggeterere<

by Valeria Abendroth

ExhibitionSeptember 27 2019 through October 6 20195 p.m. - midnight
Kunstverein Heidelberg (D)

On Friday, 27.9.2019 at 5 p.m. the opening of the exhibition >Laboratorium suggerere< by Valeria Abendroth will take place on the night of research in Heidelberg.

Valeria Abendroth and her cooperation partner Dr. sc. hum. Vitor Vieira, CEO of Inova DE GmbH, will briefly introduce the joint development work.

As part of the European S+T+ARTS (Science + Technology + Arts) residencies program, artist Valeria Abendroth (*1984) is working on EMBRYONIC project with Heidelberg-based technology company Inova DE GmbH and the Danish 3D printing company Create it REAL. Together, they hope to be able to reproduce human organs in size, shape and consistency using 3D printing for diagnostic and study purposes.