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Human & Technology Co+Learning

STARTS EventFebruary 15 through February 17 20213 p.m. - 6 p.m.

‘Technology is not neutral and as such it is a manifestation of social relations. It is designed and developed within specific interests, concerns and urgencies—or lack of them.’ 


During this two-day co-creation session, Waag will bring together experts from the field of advanced robotic technologies as part of the Vojext project. Open for participation for artists and designers with an interest in emerging robotic technologies, human/non-human collaborations, the societal understanding of our electronic counterparts, labour, co-working and co-learning. As an artist, you will be able to broaden your network and learn more about the techniques and the European S+T+ARTS projects. 

Cases in need for robotic applications and arts/science practices are used to collaboratively explore the societal understanding of robotics on the factory floor. The aim is to come to a mutual understanding and acceptance of the human-robot collaboration and an understanding of the psychological and societal comfort with newly emerging robotic systemsin order to come up with possible future challenges that can be explored within arts/technology and art/science collaborations.

When? 15 + 17 February, 15:00 – 18:00
Where? Online
Language? English
Fee? Participation to the workshop is free. However, we do ask for a short motivation. Please send your motivation before Friday the 12th of February to rosalie@waag.org and register via the button down below. Limited places are available for this workshop.