Froth of the daydream

FestivalJuly 11 201911 a.m. - 6 p.m.
La Manufacture, Avignon

For the centennial of Boris Vian in 2020, a special day is organised at Festival d’Avignon, on July 11, 2019.

The STARTS residency Froth of the Daydream and its team composed by Julie Desmet Weaver and LE CUBE will present in video during the whole day the VR interactive collective experience thay created for the VR mobile device LE CUBE by Black Euphoria.

This presentation will be linked to the performance Froth of the Daydream also created by Julie Desmet Weaver. This piece will be presented at La Patinoire (2483 Avenue de l’Amandier, 84140 Avignon), at 11:30am and at 5:00pm.

With Axel Beaumont on stage and Lou de Laâge, Jonathan Genet, Jenna Thiam and Damien Bourletsis on screen. 

About Froth of the daydream

Colin is in love with Chloe, in a world he imagines, and his emotions are so strong that they jostle the laws of physics. Two exceptional performances of Boris Vian’s famous jazz novel, organized as a preview for his birth’s century in 2020. This show is a contemporary and innovative interpretation of one of a jewel of our french literature. An adaptation for only one actor on stage, evolving, through twenty sequences, in a visual, sound and digital device.

The author Boris Vian

Boris Vian is a French writer, poet, singer, critic and jazz musician (trumpet player). Engineer at the Ecole Centrale, he was also a screenwriter, translator (Anglo-American), actor and painter. Such are the parallel lives of Boris Vian aka Bison Ravi, aka Vernon Sullivan, aka Baron Visi, aka Vernon Sinclair … In 2020, we will celebrate his birth ‘s century.

The director Julie Desmet Weaver

Julie Desmet Weaver is an author, and a stage director. She is engaged in the exploration of transversal and multidisciplinary writing involving digital language, in order to offer new experiences to the audience, and to initiate meetings around literary, visual, sound and interactive stories. In 2018, she is laureate of STARTS / EUROPE Horizon2020