Cutting edges. Exploring sustainability through S+T+ARTS

A one-day hackathon for a more sustainable Brussels.

WorkshopSeptember 26 20194 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Bozar, Brussels

Let’s imagine a more sustainable functioning of the city. What does it mean to be a citizen in that context? What would you call real progress from your personal and professional perspective? The good news is that there is no need to start from scratch. But what tools, systems or ideas could initiate, support or give a boost to the required actions.

This event presents a novel platform for participation between the city and its regions through mixed encounters of researchers, grant providers, companies, SME’s, non-profit, spinoffs and startups, architects, designers, artists, policymakers etc.


16:00: Introduction by Marleen Wynants (VUB-Crosstalks)
16:10: Presentation by Ralph Dum (S+T+ARTS, DG Connect, European Commission): A new perspective on Innovation at the nexus of Science Technology ART  
16:20: Invited talk by Anna Valtonen (Vice President of Art and Creative Practices, Aalto University, FI)
17:00: Breakout session in three groups: Smart cities and digital pollution; Clean air; Sustainable water management
18:30: Presentation moment of the selected ideas
19:00: Drinks and walking dinner