CRIATEK – Digital Creativity and Technology Aveiro

SymposiumMay 30 2018 through June 22018 noon - 6 p.m.

CRIATEK – Digital Creativity and Technology is an annual event that promotes artistic creation and combines digital arts and technology in public and heritage space, contributes to consolidate Aveiro as a territory of excellence in the area, by linking to industry, scientific knowledge, tradition creative, resilient and spirit of initiative.

CRIATEK encourages the link between physical, immaterial and modern memory through creative acts in the digital and electronic areas, creating in the public a new experience with spaces and collective memory – between ephemeral and definitive, and thus generating the heritage of the future.

This new art merges with Arte Nova in its conceptual essence, as a symbiosis of the development and innovation between technique and art.

Theatre Aveirense – 2th june 03h00 p.m.
With Luis Miguel Girao (STARTS Initiative), Rudolfo Quintas (Artista Media Arts), André Costa ((Techdays)

The CRIATEK – Digital Creativity and Technology will run until 2th june 2018 and will bring Aveiro proposals to all audiences, with some of the greatest international and national names of Media Arts and the cross between Art and Technology, such as Maotik, Daniel Iregui, Martin Messier, Rudolfo Quintas and João Martinho Moura, or Lloyd Cole who presented here in an electronic format.

To see the full programme, consult the CRIATEK website.