CHRONIQUES, the Biennale of Digital Imagination

FestivalNovember 12 2020 through January 12 20219 a.m. - 6 p.m.

SECONDE NATURE and ZINC are digital imagination incubators that have been working for several years towards fostering and promoting contemporary creation, advancing the understanding of the world in the digital age, and helping audiences appropriate technologies to develop their creativity and emancipation.

With this in mind, the two associations organise CHRONIQUES, the Biennale of Digital Imagination, which will take place between 12 November 2020 and 17 January 2021. After having explored the theme of levitation during the first edition of the Biennale in 2018, CHRONIQUES examines what the concept of Eternity might mean in 2020.

The theme – “Eternity”

It is a paradox of our times that aspirations to immortality are nourished by the advance of molecular biology, while the signs of the foreseeable collapse of our civilisation have never been more alarming.

Progress, which for so long has been considered as the expression of a collective dream for a better world, has become a symptom of contemporary fears.