ChromaFlora  is an harmonious blend of physical and digital art that invites you to embark on a transformative journey where the lines between nature and technology blur into enchanting hybrids.

During the exhibition days, ChromaFlora welcomes GRIN artist-in-residence, Emma Conley from Genomic Gastronomy. She will be presenting her Residency project titled “Cyber Agrarian Forecasts,” delving into the impact of digital technologies on the agroecological work of tomorrow.

Project Overview

“Cyber Agrarian Forecasts” ventures into speculative futures for the bocage foodscape, incorporating drone imagery, climate data, and community insights. Emma’s artistic pursuit revolves around dreaming of landscapes optimized for biodiversity, resilience, and joy.

Event Details:

Time: 13:30

Date: 15th December

Venue: Estrufa Fria

Engage in the Conversation

Be part of the dialogue as Emma Conley shares her artistic vision and insights during this captivating talk. Join us on a journey where art meets technology in shaping sustainable and resilient agricultural landscapes.

For More Information about the event and the exhibition please visit here.