Beyond business: art-driven projects shape the economy of the future

Discussing and showcasing how art-tech projects promote an ethical and sustainable economy

STARTS In MotionJune 30 202110 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

A series of events during the day, where the projects selected for STARTS in MOTION 2021 will present and discuss their art-tech product / service / solution.  

STARTS in Motion has been designed to empower artists and technologists in further developing their art-tech project by exploring the business side of the creative endeavors.

For 4 months, the 21 teams of the programme have learned about business models, storytelling, public and private funding, development strategies, through group sessions and individual mentoring.

It has been an incredible journey, where the potential of their visionary perspectives to push the boundaries of technology have been unlocked.

STARTS in MOTION Day will be dedicated to showcase how innovative art-tech projects are shaping the economy of the future, how much the market of transdisciplinary innovation is vibrant in Europe, and to discuss around the fields they are working in.


10h – 10h15: Opening by Aurélie Delater, Senior Project Manager at INOVA+, Coordinator of STARTS ECOSYSTEM and Manager of STARTS in MOTION
10h15 – 10h30: Keynote from Alexandra Garatzogianni, Head of Knowledge & Technology Transfer at the Leibniz Information Center for Science & Technology (TIB), Coordinator of EU Projects at the Leibniz University of Hannover.

10h30 – 11h10: Art-tech for Health

Technologies and platforms addressing the health field, using art and education, in an inclusive perspective. 

Introduction by Marija Butkovic, Founder and CEO of Women of Wearables (UK)

  • VYX (NL) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): a tech-driven wearable tailored to the aging population that enhances vital and beautiful living through preventive health monitoring. VYX is part of the Prosthetic X project:
  • Sensewear (IT) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): an inclusive collection of smart garments to stimulate and improve the awareness of our senses as emotional indicators.  
  • Echoes (FR, UK) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): an immersive journey into the human body. An app that enables to listen and watch visualisations of your heart´s Ebb and flow.
  • Cancer ARt Gallery (AU) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): An immersive augmented reality experience using pop-culture and nostalgic themes to explain cancer biology.

Time for Q&A with audience

11h10 – 11h45:Art-tech for Privacy, user data and democracy

Projects that focus on privacy in the digital world, helping users to understand the lifecycle of their personal data in the web domain through artistic installations, performances and informative browsers/websites.

Introduction by Tore Knudsen and Bjorn Karmann, Founders of Project Alias (STARTS Prize Winners 2019) (DK)

  • Invisible Voice(UK) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): Invisible Voice is a computer plugin that shows you information and statistics about the companies and websites you use, as you are browsing the Internet.
  • Privy to (DE) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): a set of innovative screen and digital works aimed at recapturing and reimagining privacy in a digital world.

Time for Q&A with audience

14h – 14h30:  Art-tech for environmental education

Using the arts to create awareness and empower citizens on climate change, pollution and history.

Introduction by Foteini Setaki and Panos Sakkas, Founders and CEOs of The New Raw (NL)

  • Go Curb carbon (FR) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): an app which combines a carbon calculator, a green wallet and an information page. It aims to bring a new model for encouraging carbon footprint reduction and empowering citizens to adjust their daily choices.
  • Chernobyl App (UA) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): an app to educate, containing both modern news and historical archives of the Chernobyl disaster, 360 spheres, 3D models of exhibits and an augmented reality module.
  • Pneuma Inside and Out (BE) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): a set of VR/AR artworks that show how workers and machines shape and share a single fluid medium of air in a workspace.

Time for Q&A with audience

14h30 – 15h20: Art-tech for museums, artists and the industry

Digital art-driven solutions and platforms supporting the digital empowerment of the cultural heritage, artistic and industrial sectors.

Introduction by Kristina Maurer, Head of European Projects at Ars Electronica (AT)

  • Uncopied.Art (FR) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): an open-source software that generates art certificates of authenticity and digital inventories of art collections.
  • Unmute (US) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): an online art exhibition platform to showcase digital art, democratize curation, and let art reach more people.
  • Digital fashion framework (UK) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): a digital innovation lab building an immersive, v-commerce platform which will allow users to create, trade and wear virtual fashion and game skins in the metaverse using Extended Realities. We pave the way towards a more sustainable and accessible immersive era in fashion, games and entertainment.
  • Wekit-ecs (UK) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): An Extended Reality ‘Experience Capturing’ system which enables artists to transmit, document and preserve their work and their practice. 

Time for Q&A with audience

15h20 – 16h15:Art-tech exploring the Human

Interactive and generative art projects exploring human relationality, emotions, gender, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities’ empowerment – through panel discussions, installations and (virtual) art galleries. 

Introduction by Camille Baker, Professor at UCA, artist, researcher (UK)

  • Galath3a (DE) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): A robotic arm mirroring human gestures that prompts questions about the nature of gender associated behaviours.
  • W21- Women 21st Century (UK) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): A feminist research that calls into question the patriarchal perspective in the scientific discourse on human bodies.
  • 0 (IT) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): a VR experience – fusion of visual art, video art and interactivity, all while integrating linear storytelling.
  • Meanade (UK) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): a generative art project that produces artefacts from personal data linking human and machine creative potentials.
  • Wow Zone (EG) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): an Art Tech Experiential space & concept that bridges the gap between the new media artists and the public
  • Epoch (US) (5 minutes art-driven pitch): an artist-run virtual experiment, the space functions as an inclusive community building platform supporting queer, trans, and artists or color.

Time for Q&A with audience

16h15 – 16h30: Wrap-up & conclusion

The event will occur online, in English, and will be recorded to be later published on the STARTS EU Youtube channel. By registering, you accept this condition. 
This event is organized by the consortium of STARTS ECOSYSTEM, with the support of the European Commission.