Ana-Maria Carabelea

Interview with Christian Rauch

Futures Canvas: The Power of Collective Intelligence Interview with Christian Rauch by Ana-Maria Carabelea Christian Rauch is the founder and director of STATE – a Berlin-based initiative that builds cultural programs at the intersection of science, art, and society to help forward ideas for a sustainable future, as well as one of our Regional S+T+ARTS …

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Futures Canvas

Futures Canvas Futures Canvas | Regional S+T+ARTS Centres invite citizens around Europe to speculate about the future. The Regional S+T+ARTS Centres invite you to zoom out of the present and join them in a thought-provoking exercise, a collective speculation on what more hopeful futures look like. The new iteration of the crowdsourcing platform Futures Canvas, …

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Interview with Alexandra Vanhuyse

Looking Back on One Year of Repairing the Present: Interview with Alexandra Vanhuyse Alexandra Vanhuyse is the Co-founder of Snowball. Snowball is a Belgian cleantech hub, one of the 12 Regional S+T+ARTS Centres and the coordinator of Repairing the Present. Tell us a bit about the goal of Repairing the Present and the S+T+ARTS Residencies …

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On Artistic Research

On Artistic Research by Rose Tytgat and Lars Bang Larsen Artistic research has become a pervasive term in the field of art and in art education. Since the turn of the millennium, networks such as Institut für künstlerische Forschung (!KF), the European Artistic Research Network, and The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts have …

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Edith Van Dyck

Postdoctoral researcher in experimental musicology, IPEM UGent