Ana-Maria Carabelea

On Artistic Research

On Artistic Research by Rose Tytgat and Lars Bang Larsen Artistic research has become a pervasive term in the field of art and in art education. Since the turn of the millennium, networks such as Institut für künstlerische Forschung (!KF), the European Artistic Research Network, and The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts have …

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Edith Van Dyck

Postdoctoral researcher in experimental musicology, IPEM UGent

Unit Lab

Virtuous Circles: Schools as Catalysts for Sustainable Neighborhoods | Onassis Stegi


Smart Agriculture | Onassis Stegi


Blue-Green-Wall How might we use ICT to better understand the processes in nature? The majority of food production is nowadays industrial which is leading to exhausting pressure on land and other resources needed for growth. With the widely available ICT technologies and robotics, the production of food can be personalized and tailored for individual use. Employing …

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